The Head Master's Lawn
November 6th 2005, BCS Shimla

Col R [Wendy] Dewan (Rivaz 1947-54) addressing OC's. OCA Delhi pledged Rs50,000 from their fund toward the HP Chapter to get it going. OC's who attended would contribute a matching amount. Three Cheers to all! 

Shri Virbhadra Singh - Chief Minister Himachal Pradesh [Ibbetson 1948-1951] inaugurates the OCA Himachal Chapter and contributes Rs 100,000 the chapter.

That brings the starting fund to around Rs 200,000 - great start! All the very best to the OCA HP Chapter!

The CM with Head Master Mr Robinson, speeches over, time for drinks and lunch on the Lawn.


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OC's group photo

OC's enjoying a drink and a chat on the Lawn
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               For most of us BCS has a special place in our lives. Each one of us contributes and moves on. Most alumni are happy to stand aside and cheer the School along.

The Himachal alumni, numbering over 300, were keen to have their own chapter for better networking. The Himachal Chapter was launched so smoothly that it surprised everyone!

             6 November 05 dawned bright and clear. The HM’s lawn, where the lunch was held was bathed in  sunshine. After a brief speech by the secretary welcoming the Chief Minister of Himachal, Raja V.B. Singh (I 47-51) and thanking the HM for permission to use the HM’s lawn, names of the managing committee were announced.

In the Secretary’s brief speech, he appreciated the foresight of electing the members unanimously and electing at least one OC from each decade. He announced on behalf of the President, OCA ( India ) a grant of Rs. 50,000/- for the Himachal Chapter. Thereafter, the following amount was collected/pledged:

a) Raja V B Singh (I 47-51)
From his personal account
b) OCA ( India )    Rs.50,000
c) K.C Anand (R 48-50) Rs.10,000
d) Contribution from OCs  Rs.48,000
TOTAL Rs.2,08.000/-

Those who were present

There were a total of 96 OCs, wives and staff who attended. Final list of those who attended is awaited.

Some of those who attended: Vijay Singh( C 1953-1958), Uday Singh Jubbal(I 1961-1966), Deepak Mohan (DM I) Sud(C 1965-1966), Vinod Kumar Mahant (C 1960-1971), Rajinder Singh Chauhan(C 1968-1972), Narinder Chauhan(C 1964-1974), Yash Paul Chauhan( L 1964-1974), Surinder Singh Chauhan (L 1965-1975), Capt Jagmohan.Chauhan(R 1965-1975), Surinder Singh Thakur( L 1967-1975), Mahavir Jishtu(L 1972-1976), Ashwani Kashyap(L 1967-1977), Ravinder Makhaik(R 1968-1977), Pritinder Singh (I 1969-1977), Sunil Kumar Bhalaik( R-1971-1978), Rajeev Chauhan( I 1969-1979), Rajeev Bragta( L1971-1980), Pramod Chauhan(C 1970-1981), Harish Janartha(R 1972-1981), Dr Arun Sirkeck (I 1974-1982), Dinesh Singh Kainthla(C 1973-1983), Dinesh Thakur( L 1975-1987), Anil Walia( L 1985-1987), Rajeev Bhaik( C 1976-1988), Vivek Dogra( R 1977-1989), Rajinder Singh Thakur(R 1978-1991), Praveen Dharma( R 1990-1991), Gaurav Sood( R 1984-1993), Vinayak Jishtu(L 1983-1995),Rajeev Chauhan (I 1993-1995),Chetan Bragta(I 1984-1996),Ashish Katyayan(L 1985-1997),Rahul Negi (L 1985-1997),Ashish Butail(I 1988-1997),Bharat Bhushan Sharma(L 1990-2002),Rajat Kashyap(L 1991-2002),Piyush Mehta(L 1996-2002), Sumeet Singha(R 1999-2002),Dhanan Jai Singh(I 1994-2003),Rahul Mehta(L 1998-2003),Suksham Chauhan(L 1993-2004). Col. R.Dewan(R47-54,S90-01), Mr. Jaswant Dayal(S68-81,87-02,04- ), Mr. V. Bhardwaj(S1985- ), K.C.Anand(R48-50), Mr.& Mrs R.Robinson(HM 2005),  Mr. A.C. Advani(S50-76), Anil Advani(I 60-70), Mr& Mrs Bhasin(S60-69), Dinesh(DM), Sud(65-69), Raja VB Singh(I47-51), Mr Vijai Singh Mankotia(C48-52), Arun M Chandar(L86-99), R. Thakur(I78-91,S98-S2001- ), V.K.Roach(C64-75,S94- ), Mr & Mrs C.J. Barretto (S82-2005), Brig H.S.Nagra(R 59-67).

Unanimously elected:


Patron-in-Chief: Mr. Virbhadra Singh (I 47-51)


1.      Narinder Chauhan       C (64-74)

2.      Kanwar Uday Singh   I (61-66)

3.      Mr. Rajinder Thakur   R (78-91)

4.      Mr. Harish Janartha     R (72-81)

5.      Mr. Anil Walia            L (85-87)

6.      Mr. Rajeev Chauhan   I (93-94)

7.      Mr. Vinayak Jishtu      L (83-95)

Col R. Dewan
OCA( India )