Curzon House Facta Non Verba - "Deeds Not Words"

Curzon House was named after Lord George Viscount Curzon who was Viceroy of India from 1899 to 1905. He was the eldest son of Rev. Alfred Curzon. In April 1895 he married Mary Luther the daughter of an American millionaire. In 1904 he returned to India leaving behind his wife in England. Early in 1925, he suddenly fell ill at Cambridge and died in London on the 20th March.

The first House Captain was F.V.V.G Rossetti in 1909. He was also a staff member from 1923 to 1926. The first House Master of Curzon house was H.J. Ford in the year 1919. The House Master for the longest duration was A.C. Advani (1954-1963). M.E.O. Campos and Jal Boga were House Captains for three consecutive years.

Here is a photograph sent by Dick D'Abreu [BCS 1946]

"The Curzon sports team won the shield in 1945 I think. I am on the right of Paul Jones our House Captain who is in the middle of the front row. My time for the 100 yards sprint was 10.3 sec. Bye for now, Dick."

CURZON House photo 1946

1949 photo

Found these relics after a number of years. The one of myself was taken in March of '46 before returning to school. I am on back row second from left. William Rowland McDowell (Rolly)

Curzon 1968

Curzon 1972

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