OC Get Together at China Palace in Woodbridge, Ontario. Canada 

March 19, 2005


We had our biggest turnout for this get together. OC's from every house and from every decade were represented.

The following OC's were present :

Allan Bapty. (Rivaz House1936 - 44). Allan was in town to see his sister and decided to also meet some Cottonians. Allan is a MD by profession, and has worked and volunteered all over Africa. He has 5 kids and 24 grandchildren. Allan, his mother and his grandparents were all born in Simla. His grandfather is also a Cottonian graduating in 1898. Talk about a pure blue blooded "pukka" Cottonian. In OC language a "gora khaddu". Allan brought in lots of photographs from his trip to school and some old school badges. Thanks Allan. It was great talking to you on our drive back. Allan presently resides in Devon, England. 

Gurpreet Singh Bhogal. (Rivaz House1987 - 89). Gurpreet is presently a techie with Bell Canada. He was born in Simla and has a MBA from HP University.

Atamjit Malhotra. (Rivaz House1967 - 72). Atamjeet runs a construction business from Delhi and comes to Toronto every 3 months. Atam taught me the difference between a "Pahari khaddu" and a "Sardar khaddu". Thanks Atam for also giving me the run down on the Indian Economy. I will be mentioning our conversation in my next newsletter to my clients.

Gautam (Tom) Mehra. (Rivaz House1971 - 78). Tom was the official photographer of the event. Thanks for the photographs and for ordering the food. Tom runs his own printing firm in Mississauga.

Sanjay Chadha. (Rivaz House1986 - 88). Sanjay is a CA by profession and has been to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Madagascar, Vietnam in the last 10 years and is presently on assignment with Bank of Montreal. He is doing his Executive MBA at York.

Saranjit Singh. (Ibbetson House1957 - 67). Bogie has been in the Toronto area for the last 3 decades and is presently contemplating leading a retired life. Bogie I missed seeing you wearing the "Spartan Club" tie on you.

Satinder Singh. (Ibbetson House 1947 -56). Satinder is an engineer by profession. He is presently a consultant. His batch is planning their 50th graduation anniversary next year. Please get in touch with Satinder if you know of any OC who graduated in 1956. Satinder was also born in Simla.

Jiwan Goel. (Ibbetson House 1957 - 66). Jiwan has a MSc from University of Guelph in Food/quality control. He teaches Yoga and starting this fall will be teaching Yoga for teacher at Humber College.

Vinay Sarin. (Curzon House 1958 - 65). Vinay is the finance whiz at Bank of Montreal. A little birdie told me all 3 brothers went to BCS. All three were brilliant.

Deepinder Bains. (Curzon House 1962 70). Out of 14 Cottonians present 3 were born in Simla, so jokingly i asked Deep if he was born in Simla. And guess what Deeps was born in Yol Camp near Dharmsala. After being in the army, Deeps is  a techie with Advocis in Toronto.

Our special guests were Mr. and Mrs. Mushtaq Masih. One was a teacher and another was a matron at school. And their daughter Mrs. Renu D'Cunha (Ibbetson House 1960 - 1966). Mr. Masih was a teacher when he came to Canada and then went into the restaurant business. He visits BCS every year and plans on retiring to Palampur. His son runs the Tandoori Hut at Niagara Falls.

Gerald Godinho (Lefroy House 1981 - 83). Yes, I was the only Lefroyian present. It was a pleasure meeting all of you. I presently am in the wealth management business with Research Capital Corporation.

We have two more events coming up. The first will be on June 25th and June 26th 2005. We are going to Kingston Ontario to meet Malcolm Niblett (Curzon House 1943 - 45). The plan is to have lunch with them on Saturday. Kingston and Thousand Islands have a lot to offer. And trust me Satinder, there will be DARU at this bash.


Later in the fall another lunch is planned in Toronto to meet Mr Rupert Price (Ibbetson House 1934 - 42).

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every Cottonian who was present and those who were with us in spirit. I had a great time and I learned a lot from each and every one of you.

Cheers Jerry Godinho