Batch Year Page for 1985

Front row sitting left to right: S. S. Johal, S. S. Sehmbey (Prefect Ibbetson House), Arpito Mukerji, Gautam, Sood (Prefect Curzon House), Succha Singh (nick name), Mr. Youhanna (Class Teacher), Randhawa (Prefect Lefroy House), Anil Kumar (Prefect Rivaz House), M. Joshi
Bonna (nick name), Karva.

Middle Row left to right: Gautam, Rawat, Pankaj Khosla, Neelabh Kumar, Bobby Batra, Gurbir Singh Anand, Vikram Jain (Aaloo), Shivalik, Sanjog Modgill, Akash Deep Sandhu, B. S. Ahlawat (Jat), Varun.

Back Row left to right: B. S. Shergill, Sanjay Bakhru, Eqbal Syed, Ugen Peden (Pampa), Bikram Singh Chehal, G. P. S. Brar, Kanwaljit Singh Sidhu, Suchin Luthra, Amit Gujral.

Lastly, the ones missing from this photo: S. S. Sidha (School Captain), Dinesh Thakur (Lamboo), S. S. Tomar, Amit Singhal.

[Our apologies: if we mixed up any names, got them wrong and for the missing names. Appreciate if anyone can fill us in on the corrections]

The photograph was sent to OCA Website by: BOBBY BATRA