Batch Year Page for 1980

Standing Last Row(L to R) : Sunil Mohindra (Curzon), Pankaj Sachdeva (Rivaz), KPS Bajwa (Lefroy), Anil Bhasin (Ibbetson), Abhay Dogra (Ibbetson), Amarjyot Drall (Lefroy), Ashwani Singh Virk (Rivaz), Braqta (Lefroy), Chandok (Curzon), Jasdeep Sahota (Curzon), PVN Choudary (Curzon), Pranav Roach

Standing Middle Row (L to R) : Raju Banon (Rivaz), Amit Rishi (Rivaz), Anup Bhalaik (Rivaz), Arun Sirkeck (Ibbetson), Ajoy Hakim (Lefroy), Sanjay Sanon (Lefroy), Vineet Jishtu (Ibbetson), Sanjay Wig (Curzon), ___???, Rajnish Chauhan (Rivaz), Rajiv Beri (Rivaz), J. Chabbra (Ibbetson), Arun Chopra

Sitting (L to R): Vinay Puri (Rivaz), Siddharth Saran Mehra (Rivaz), Harminder Singh Dhillon (Ibbetson), Mandip Mehra (Curzon), Mr. R.N.Hakim - Senior Master, Mr. Sam Mukund- The Headmaster, Mr. Modi - Class Teacher, Gurjiv Dhaliwal (Lefroy), Chiranjiv Singh (Lefroy), M.M.Khan, Sunil Bandhu (Rivaz)


[Our apologies: if we mixed up any names, got them wrong and for the missing names. Appreciate if anyone can fill us in on the corrections]

The photograph was sent to OCA Website by: Ashwani Singh Virk
RIVAZ (1977-1983)